Krista Fay is an oil painter and digital artist exploring the relationships we collectively and individually form with technology and social media. She received her MFA from Texas A&M University in 2019 and afterward relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fay's work has been shown nationally in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Portland, Cincinnati and San Francisco. She currently teaches painting and drawing workshops locally in the Bay Area and works as a graphic and web designer .

Artist Statement

My work recontextualizes digital symbols in oil paint and isolates “screen” elements on a tangible surface. Vibrant, graphic and colorful, my paintings and installations pair digital symbols with portraiture, flora and fauna, and handmade processes.

Through oil paintings with larger-than-life subjects and interactive web apps and installations I explore the juxtaposition of the living and inanimate, the virtual and physical, and the natural and idealized. Themes in my art include social media, online power-dynamics and self-modification driven by the “tastes” of the online mass subject.

I take inspiration from the writing of Michel Foucault and the concept of the panoptic power hierarchy. Panopticism is a social theory for control in which individuals modify their behavior based on the assumption that they are being watched. In a panoptic society, the threat of one watcher in a tower drives the actions of anyone in view of the tower. In our current society the system of social media drives individual behavior in a similar way. My work focuses on the transformation, modification, or curation of a person caused by a panoptic relation to the online realm.